Monday, 25 May 2015

Good news for those who is still using old iPhone 4s, iPads 2, and original iPad mini

Hey guys! Are you guys still using old iPhone? Or iPad? Thinking of upgrading the phone because of new updates like iOS 7 and iOS 8? Are you guys feeling guilty for using the old iPhone? If you still using the old iPhone 4S or iPad 2, I have some good news for you.

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Mark Gurman, who is very good at his Apple related geeks, he has reported in his 9to5mac reported that in the upcoming update iOS 9, Apple will focus on optimization for older devices. Gurman also reported that in the previous update some features are removed during testing because of low performance. However, Cupertino is building a core version of iOS 9 which will run smooth and it will perform very good in all A5 devices, also all features.

(Mark Gurman, last year reported "Apple was unexpectedly going to release a new version of iPad")

By installing iOS 9, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and the iPad mini, who is received some major patterns will be recovered and come into new life. All update will be available after iOS 9 update by upgrading from iOS 8. Maybe iOS 9 will show the new path for iOS 8 Apple hardware? Let’s see.

By earlier reports, Gurman says again that iOS 9 is mainly focusing on stability and bug fixes, and it have some features to display. iOS 9 being compared to Snow Leopard, which is OS X Leaopard as a ‘stabilty release’.

"I wouldn't say there's nothing new for consumers, but the feature lists are more stripped down than the initial plans called for," a source told GurmanUpcoming version of OS X is developed along with some lines.

Gurman listed a truted rooted list and trusted Wi-Fi features and some other usefull features to it.

So enjoy them feel Good for your iPhone :)