Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Expected To Be Launched in June 2015

The next iPhone handsets details unexpectedly leaked in the second half of 2015. According to one of latest leaks, Apple’s next iPhone called as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be lot more slimmer and lighter than other iPhones, and also it’ll have a 12MP camera instead of 8MP camera which was in the old iPhones. According to some other leaks that TSMC starts Apple A10 chips in June 2015, and it’ll be used in iPhones next year.

One of the news broadcast Digitimes reports that if Apple have to make its iPhone more thin and lighter, it will need to make 0.4t (a dimension of 3x0.85x0.4mm) backlight units(LED units of BLUs), which is smaller than the 0.6t (3x0.85x0.6mm) chips which is used in the previous iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The reports also tells Apple will use 0.4t Japan-based LED chips of Nichia and Toyoda Gose. It also suggests that the new iPhone have 4.7 inch & 5.5 inch display and it will launch in next month(June 2015) and 24 million projected pieces will be shipped in the 3rd quarter.

The very big deal is, the iPhone will include a 12MP camera this year. And also China reports that the iPhone 6s will be better than the last years iPhone. Which uses the different sensor which is not described in any iPhone reports.

iPhones 6s Features and Updates

Improvement in Camera
Some reports tells that the big difference is coming in the iPhone 6s, some rumor has tells us that the camera will include 2 lenses which will give the DSLR effect, but iPhone disagreed and it will includes 12MP instead of 8MP. And of-course the camera quality will get better.
It also reported the camera has the capacity in taking picture in low light, which will be perfect. 
And in some research says that due to some things the camera does not include 3D features. It believed that it will come into existence soon in later iPhones.

Improvement in Touch ID
With the KGI Securities it is reported that the Touch ID is improved, which will reduce the errors and make comfortable to use.

Improvement in Display 
Most of the reports tells us that the new iPhone includes 4.7 inch display and 5.5 inch display. Which is a Sapphire displays in next generation iPhones. More or less no deals have been made before with these displays, so we have to wait and watch for iPhone 6s.
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that may be Apple will use sapphire displays for iPhone 6s Plus. If drop test completes.

Most Important - Release Date
Research tells us that all previous iPhones are released and launched in September also iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But report says that the new iPhone will released in next month i.e., June 2015.

All of these reports are collected from various sources plus own research, so we need to wait for it.