Monday, 1 June 2015

How to Install Android M in Google Nexus - GadgetsNewsOnline.Com

Android M, which is pretty new and it's becoming very famous and some people and sources are calling it Android Mint version, which is released on Thursday at San Francisco. But Google has not yet named it properly. But still we could hope for a good name. Android M is the most popular Android version nowadays. 

So how it works, how to install Android M or Android 6.0 in Nexus devices.
Before begin this we are suggesting you not to install this version because it's not completely ready. Some people have already seen so many bugs and errors. If you still want to install and try this cool thing let's try out with your spare device. 
Android M or 6.0 is currently available for four devices. Which is Google Nexus 5Google Nexus 6Google Nexus 9, and Google Nexus Player.

Here's how to manually download Android M preview and install it on your Google Nexus devices.

  • Download and install the latest Android Studio Preview on your Windows computer. This installs the ADB and Fastboot programmes, which can be accessed through the command terminal on your PC.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device. First, go to Settings > About Phone > Software information.
  • Tap Build number seven times.
  • Go to Settings > Developer options. Tick USB debugging.
  • Download the correct factory image for your device.
  • Extract the image on your computer. (If anything goes wrong, put all files in one folder)
  • Connect your device to your computer over USB.
  • Start the device in fastboot mode.
  • To boot your device to fastboot mode, you need to use key combinations like hold a key combination while powering up the device. For Nexus 5, hold the volume up, volume down and power buttons while powering on the device. The full list of key combinations for different devices is here.
  • After downloading the file adb drivers launch the app type 'y' without quotes, and press enter to install adb drivers in your windows.
  • After installing drivers type adb reboot bootloader or just copy and paste using mouse in command screen. It will show some confirmation after this code.
  • Now type fastboot oem unlock. It will take some time to proceed please keep patience. If it shows any error try it once again from command line.
  • This is last part you have to do - type all the codes one by one
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash cache cache.img

or you can just try this executing flash-all.bat
  • Finally your device will be ready after automatic restart by itself. 
Please leave a comment if its done or anything wrong or error happens, I will get back to you in 24 hours.