Friday, 27 November 2015

The Raspberry Pi Zero costs only 5$ a tiny computer - Tiny Cool Gadget

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a cool and a tiny computer which is half in size of Raspberry Model A+ but huge in its utility. And Raspberry Pi foundation says it is affordable for any projects.
This is the cheapest computer ever with this utilities. It only costs 5$ (around 320 Rupees in India). The Raspberry Pi Zero comes with Broadcom's BCM2835 1GHz single core CPU, which is 40 percent faster than its counterpart, it includes 512MB RAM, Mini HDMI port and USB On-The-Go ports, micro USB power, HAT-compatible 40-pin header, Composite video and reset headers, and Micro SD card slot.
Note : There is no standard USB ports or Ethernet ports, so you should purchase additional hub to connect your devices or mouse, keyboard or any other devices.

And Pi Foundation tells that they are giving free copies of The Raspberry Pi Zero with The MagPi in United Kingdom on 26th of November. 

It can run on the Raspbian, a Linux based OS(Operating System). It also handle apps like Minecraft. Which is quite cool to use. The device purchasable in United Kingdom from element14, The Pi Hut and pimoroni, and United States from Adafruit. The product is still not yet available in India for purchase. Hope soon it will be available from authorized sellers in India.